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“Here is the SECRET to making your event UNFORGETTABLE!
In fact if these programs fail to impress you and impact your
audience, YOU PAY NOTHING...and I’ll pay you $100 for wasting
your time”!
-Brian Richards Family Entertainer

Even if you don't hire me (how sad that would be)...I still want you to have the best entertainer for your event. So what I am prepared to do is send you a great tool, absolutely FREE. In fact, this tools saved one MN. event planner from making a $750 mistake! By simply sending me an email with EVENT TOOLS in the subject line, I will send to you my very special Entertainer checklist that makes finding a top notch speaker easy as 1...2...3!! I'll also send you information about my program and how it can make your event UNFORGETTABLE and have people thanking you for a job well done!

"Brian Richards has performed at the Science Museum of Minnesota several times and always packs the room. He is engaging, entertaining and fun to watch for kids and adults. His creativity, energy and passion for magic make him the highlight of many of our events. We always receive a lot of great feedback from our visitors about Brian's shows asking us when he will be back." -Liza Atkinson, MN Science Museum

-Cari Stevens, Hope Community Academy
And please feel free to explore this site to learn more about the fun programs we offer. But a word of CAUTION, I often book 4-6 months in advance and a typical month involves 20 - 35 don't wait too long, or your date may disappear (pun intended)!

Call/Text Brian today at: (763) 656-3662

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