Brian Richards

4 Ace Productions Presents Magical Entertainer


1. As Americans We Are Proud of our
2. The Real Super heroes are the men and
women of the armed forces.
3. Great Americans show their greatness
when they are challenged!


*One of the first topics is diversity and how important it
is to our country. I relate the inspirational story of George
Washington Carver who discovered over 300 uses for peanut butter. His reason was to help all his southern neighbors reap new economic windfalls during a poverty stricken period. He was a incredibly creative African American who gave without thought of himself as his grave marker reads...
He could have added fortune to fame, but caring for neither, he found happiness and honor in being helpful to the world. What a perfect tie in to my Peanut butter and Jelly transposition trick.

*Next we address the heroes of our armed services. I encourage the kids to consider
putting together a care package for a soldier that they may know. I proceed to do a trick with a Coca-Cola bottle and silk. I explain that in WWII many of the soldiers missed having an ice cold COKE. It’s the little things from home that our brave men and women miss and we can help.

*The appropriate climax to my “I Love America” show is the incredible FLAG-O-MATIC. This intriguing contraption can take any white cloth and transform it into a genuine AMERICAN FLAG. A child is invited on stage to help and provide the power to the FLAG-O-MATIC. The first two attempts are drastic failures,
but the third times the charm and I produce a full size American
Flag complete with Pole.

We always use magic words or phrases in our programs, for this
program we use the following: Proud and Strong and getting
STRONGER, This Land is Your Land BE PROUD, & Our Diversity
makes us STRONGER.