Brian Richards

4 Ace Productions Presents Magical Entertainer

UNFORGETTABLE Blue & Gold Program
Minnesota's Most Kid Experienced Entertainer Shares Blue & Gold Themed Program!"


"The Magic of Scouting" is more than a show it's a production! We guarantee lots of thank-you's for your decision to book Brian Richards and the "Magic of Scouting"!

"I thought Brian did a fantastic job. I was so impressed with how he weaved scouting messages into his performance. He is obviously a pro. He never seemed to get rattled. I would hire him again next year for the Blue and Gold banquet without a second thought." -Pat McLoughlin, CUBMASTER

“I give him 5 out of 5 stars! He is FUNNY and keeps the audience entertained. You are a true professional and easy to work with.” Lisa Bell-Fleming Pack 619


A former scout and scout leader with two sons of his own, Brian understands the importance of the Blue & Gold ceremony and will help to create lasting memories.

You have a large group of active young boys. They have the attention spans of a gnat! Brian keeps the show moving and fast paced so there is NEVER a dull moment.

If you hired Brian before, he has a
second program and it is completely different it's called, "BE PREPARED: To Be Amazed!". And for those of you who are interested in a third program Brian offers his lastest program, "Cubscouts: Future Leaders!".

You have a lot to worry and think about planning this BIG event. Brian makes the entertainment piece of the event simple and dependable!

“Tons of excitement and enjoyment by kids and adults. Brian’s customer service exceeded expectations. The kids will be entertain and engaged the whole time, you can count on Brian delivering a great program. Lots of other acts, if you’re hoping to pick the right one this is it! Program was well worth the cost!” -Nathan Clausen Pack 269

“Terrific! Scouts and their families had an entertaining event. Incorporating positive values and lots of scout participation. Engaged with everyone. A+ Great show teaching values with entertaining tricks. Brian is professional, courteous, and easy to work with. Thanks for coming. We had a blast. Some of the parents Facebook page commented on the theirs kids talking about the show on the ride home.” -Jimmy Wong Pack 601


But what about the show itself? What can you expect? Well, there's not enough time or space to share all that happens but here is a sample:

This wonderful 35-40 minute program is high energy with mindblowing magic, non-stop laughs, with a "better than money back GUARANTEE". Brian was a Cubmaster with Pack #442 and knows what you want for your Blue & Gold event. The program has effects that relate to the values of Cubscouting and includes the FLAG-O-MATIC a machine that produces an American Flag complete with pole.

But the highlight of the show is the NECKERCHIEF DESTRUCTION EFFECT...imagine this, Brian states that he has this new magic effect that will instantly clean and press a scout neckerchief. Brian borrows a scouts neckerchief and pulls out a permanent marker and colors spots on the neckerchief. No concern we'll use magic he hands the scout a wand that falls apart and does nothing to get rid of the spots. Brian states he has the answer he'll use his magic scissors....and cuts the spots off the neckerchief (many have told Brian that the look on the Scouts face is worth the price of the show).

In the end the neckerchief is found as good as new!

“The children and adults enjoyed it. Many looked forward to your program after seeing your first program last year. What I liked best is your attention to detail and your customer service which is 10 out of 10! Brian has great energy and keeps the kids and adults guessing. Word of advice, try to schedule way in advance he’s a very busy guy! Thank you so much for coming again.” -Leah Cathy Pack 352

“We loved it...Brian was engaging, enthusiastic, professional and put on a great show. He also made the values of Scouting a part of the program, which we loved. Customer service was top notch. Brian is a great performer who relates well with children. He understands Cub Scouts!” -Michelle Bernaski Pack 330

Brian has added a SPECTACULAR addition... Cutting your Cubmaster is half!! This is a larger illusion that usually cost extra…it will be included at the regular price of $325.00

Plus, all the free bonuses: Promo Pack, Brian University of Scouting Lecture, Magic Lesson, and more!

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If you book THE MAGIC OF SCOUTING you can
receive the following bonuses...

*A FREE copy of Magical Connections from
Brian's course offered at the University of Scouting.

*Free upgrade of show to include SAWING

*Brian Richards is a retired firefighter from
Brooklyn Park get his FUN safety worksheet.

*Free magic trick booklet that you can print
out and give to each Scout.

*Free promotional package - puts promotion
of event on autopilot!

*Free BIG BUCK to every Scout and attendee
at event.

A word of caution Brian books up quickly this time of year, DON'T DELAY! In 2018 Brian performed at over 35 Blue & Golds (thanks to
all)…this year will be even busier with pre-bookings already at 7 packs!


Cell/Text: (763) 656-3662


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